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  • Adora engineering
    Chifliganec, Dushko Deputy CEO Macedonia
    Butikoski, Ilco Sales&Marketing Macedonia
  • profile_x_1589441148.jpg KONsys
    Hall, Cecilia Head of Marketing Győr, Hungary
    Our aim is to provide smart cities and smart factories with the most advanced energy management software AVReporter. Some reference: Velux (19 factories across Europe), Celje Hospital (Slovenia), Fiat (Brazil), Monteral Casino (Canada), Unilever (Indonesia)…etc
    energy management
    cloud energy management
    IoT energy management
    smart factory
    smart city IoT
    energy monitoring
    ISO 50001
  • Apokrifi Construction d.o.o.
    Radovanovic, Vesna Serbia
  • Pribila spol sro
    Pribila, Martin CEO Slovakia
    As we see all around, the weather is going more frequently as extreme. We, in building industry have responsibility to at least let people know, we can help them. As most important job of today`s architects is not less than save the planet. Building dwellings with natural material and green cover.
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RS
    Radic , Olivera Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Tnaton
    Perovic, Marija Serbia
  • Tnation
    Antic, Ana Serbia
  • Mihajlo Pupin Institute
    Zivkovic, Lazar Serbia
  • Institute Mihajlo Pupin
    Štrbac, Dijana Serbia