Participants of the online b2b event are invited to participate at the online conference "WOMEN & MEN IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR IN DANUBE REGION AND BEYOND: Facing the new challenges".

Conference date: June 9th, 2020

Conference timing: 10:00 am – 12:45 pm

Participants registered for b2b will receive Zoom link for the conference.


10:00 -10:15 Openning:
- Wellcome addresses: Sanja Popovic-Pantic, Chair of the Enterprise Europe Network Sector Group Women Entrepreneurship
Key note speakers:
- Prof. dr Zorana Mihajlovic, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, t.b.c.
- Dubravka Negre– Head of EIB (European Investment Bank) Regional Representation for the Western Balkans, t.b.c.
- Nirvana Kaptan Butković and representative of Baden-Württemberg, Coordinators of PA8 EU Strategy for the Danube Region
10:15 -11:00 Panel I
Construction sector as a booster of the economies in Danube region and beyond - Presentation of Regional practices:
Moderator: Sanja Popovic -Pantic, Chair of the EEN Sector group Women Entrepreneurship
- Croatia: Mirjana Cagalj, vicepresident of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Vice President for Construction , Transport and Communication
- EU: Katerina Tzitzinou, Chair of the EEN Sector Group Sustainable Construction; Federation of Industries of Greece
- Slovakia: Mr. Martin Pribila, CEO at Pribila, Ltd. Rohoznik
- BiH /Republic of Srpska: President of the Chamber of Commerce, Republika Srpska, Banjaluka
- Serbia: Anja Ivana Milić, the founder and Director of the company Arhi Pro, Belgrade
- Italy: Daniela Niederstätter , company Niederstätter AGwill, Bolzano,
11:00 -11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 – 12:30 Panel II
Women entrepreneurs in construction sector as an untapped resource (women speakers)
Moderators: Katerina Tzitzinou, Chair of the EEN Sector Group Sustainable Construction & Sanja Popovic-Pantic, Chair of the EEN SG Women Entrepreneurship
- Dr Sonja Radović Jelovac, founder of the company Synthesis, Montenegro: Sustainable urban development: challenges and opportuntiies
- Ms. Daniela Niederstätter, company Niederstätter AGwill, Bolzano, Italy: Gender transition and woman leadership in a family business
- Ms. Simona Kalinovska, CEO, 3MON, Ltd. Bratiswlava, Bratislava, Slovakia
- Ms. Svetlana Mojić- Dzakula, owner and GM, Salt&Water, Serbia: Eko-building as a new trend in construction
- Ms. Snežana Mrđa-Badža, Banjaluka, Bosnia and Hercegovina/Republic of Srpska: Urbis centar
- Ms. Sanja Stanimirovic, owner and GM of Testeral company, Jagodina, Serbia: How to be competitive at EU construction market: case study of the company Testeral
- Ms. Katarina Husarova-Volekova, Bratislava, Slovakia: Design studio update,Ltd.
- Ms. Cecilia Hall, company Konsys, Hungary: "Once set up to fail now leading success"
12:30 – 12:45 Conclusions



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